How the other half live – millionaire equity release

millionaire equity release

A new equity release scheme has just been unveiled where wealthy homeowners can raise cash sums of up to £2 million on their homes. The ‘Prestige Options’ plan is being offered by a company called Retirement Advantage and is aimed at those lucky enough to own a home worth up to £6 million.

New wave of interest only mortgages

New wave of interest only mortgages

Britain is preparing itself for a new wave of interest only mortgages even as 11,000 existing owners are in danger of losing their homes. The new deals are being offered as loans for pensioners into their retirement and as a lifeline to those borrowers unable to pay their existing interest only debt.

The mortgages that crashed the economy are back

100% mortgages on offer aain

High street banks are starting to offer the same type of mortgage that crashed the UK economy in 2007. Barclays and the Post Office are among those throwing a lifeline to first-time buyers who can’t raise a deposit by offering 100% mortgages.

FCA says 30,000 Brits are mortgage prisoners

30,000 mortgage prisoners

A new report from Britain’s financial regulator claims there could be as many as 30,000 ‘mortgage prisoners’ across the country who are stuck with expensive mortgages they can’t get out of. The same report also claims that 30% of consumers are finding it difficult to find the cheapest deal for a new mortgage.

Up to £50,000 compensation for mis-sold pensions

Up to £50,000 comendsation offered

If you believe you were mis-sold a pension then you could be in line for up to £50,000 compensation from the government. It is believed hundreds of thousands of hard-working Brits may have been conned into investing their pension savings in dodgy self-invested pension plans (SIPPs).